Social Sculpture

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社会彫刻 ドイツ出身のアーティスト、ヨーゼフ・ボイスが提唱した概念。「すべての人間は芸術家である」「ジャガイモの皮をむくという行為でさえ、意識的な行為であれば、芸術作品になり得る」といったボイスの言葉が意味するように、彼が示す芸術は教育活動、政治活動、環境保護活動、宗教なども含めた拡張された意味での芸術活動や芸術作品のことを指します。服を着ることだって芸術であるのは当然のことかもしれません。

Social Sculpture   A concept proposed by the German artist Joseph Beuys. As He said, 'Every human being is an artist.' and 'Every sphere of human activity–even peeling a potato–can be a work of art, as long as it is a conscious act.' his art is an extension of the term to include educational activities, political activities, environmental activities, and religious activities, as well as works of art. Of course, on that premise, it might be obvious that even wearing clothes is art.

Cotton100%.Silk screen printed. Made in Japan. 

Shoulder width / Chest / Length / Sleeve length
S | 44cm / 54cm / 66.5cm / 22.5cm
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