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Never Lonely


It is about the relationship between clothes and immigrants who came to Japan far from their birthplace. Unique Piece's shirts are layered like a two-person haori, with the right breast joined by a safety pin. It is a reference to the movement of putting safety pins on clothes to show the will to fight against hate crimes against immigrants.

古着のシャツを素材にしたユニークピースのシャツ。 二人羽織のように重ねられ、右胸は安全ピンで接合されている。

Each Never Lonely Shirt is unique and made of used shirts. Two shirts are layered and the right side of the chest is sutured with a safety pin.


Used shirts, safety pin, eyelet

Back length / Body width / Shoulder width / Sleeve length
F | 71cm / 57.5cm / 43.5cm / 70cm