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People who question everything, who have humor, who know the pleasure of discovery, who think for themselves. For those creative minds, Pugment has been creating products with a different perespective on cemented values, society, and media. In order to unravel those cemented thoughts, our mission is to find new aspects of life we thought we all knew.






A fashion label founded by Karin Imafuku and Masahiro Otani in Tokyo in 2014. Through observation of the transformation process in value and meaning of clothing in human activity, we incorporate this spirit into the production process of their clothes. Focusing on the relationship between human and images concerning fashion, we create and exhibit clothing in order to find different viewpoints on existing values, environments, and information.

Recently, we presented in “Never Lonely” at Taka Ishii Gallery complex665, Tokyo, 2020.“Photography and Fashion Since the 1990s” at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo, 2020. “MOT Annual 2019 Echo after Echo : Summoned Voices, New Shadows” at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, 2019. “1XXX‒2018‒2XXX” at KAYOKOYUKI, Utrecht and n id a deux, Tokyo, 2018.



主な発表として「Never Lonely」タカ・イシイギャラリー コンプレックス665(東京、2020年)、「写真とファッション 90年代以降の関係性を探る」東京都写真美術館(東京、2020年)、「MOTアニュアル2019 Echo after Echo:仮の声、新しい影」東京都現代美術館(東京、2019年)、「1XXX‒2018‒2XXX」KAYOKOYUKI / Utrecht / n id a deux(東京、2018年)などが挙げられる。