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Pugment Books

パグ 犬の種類のひとつ。短鼻の小型犬。その名前の由来は、ラテン語で「握り拳」を意味するPugnus からきているとも言われる。Pug という言葉には、コンクリートを混ぜるための混和機や、捏ねられた土という意味も含まれている。粘土を捏ねたようなパグの顔は、いつも何か考え深げに私たちに語りかけてくるようです。

Pug   A breed of dog. A small dog with a short nose. Its name is said to come from the Latin word Pugnus, meaning "clenched fist"; the word Pug also means kneaded clay and a mixer for mixing concrete. The face of the pug, which looks like kneaded clay, always seems to speak to us in some thoughtful way. as materials for creating something. Pugment utilizes it to make clothing, but its usefulness is open to all fields.

Cotton100%.Silk screen printed. Made in Japan. 

Shoulder width / Chest / Length / Sleeve length
S | 44cm / 46.5cm / 70.5cm / 17cm
M | 47.5cm / 51.5cm / 72cm / 17.5cm
L | 51cm / 55.5cm / 75.5cm / 19cm
XL | 58cm / 60.5cm / 79.5cm / 20cm