Language of flowers

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花言葉 象徴的な意味を持たせるため植物に与えられる言葉。とりわけ19世紀の西欧社会で盛んになりました。花言葉は各国の歴史、風習、宗教から生まれるため、国によってその意味が変わります。西欧では今でも、言葉ではなく花に思いを託して恋人に贈る風習があり、花の数や花種の組み合わせによって異なる意味を表すこともあります。国によって在りかたの異なる服も同様に、デートに着て行く時の服言葉があったら素敵かもしれません。

Language of flowers   Words given to plants symbolic meaning. They were especially popular in the 19th century in Western society. Language of flowers is derived from the history, customs and religions of different countries, and therefore its meaning changes from country to country. In Western Europe, there is still a custom to present flowers to their lover, not in words, and it may show different meanings depending on the number and the combination of flowers. Clothes also have different roles in different countries, it's nice to have languages of clothing to wear on a date. as materials for creating something. Pugment utilizes it to make clothing, but its usefulness is open to all fields.

Cotton100%.Inkjet printed. Made in Japan. 

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