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Pugment Books

ジャバラ 日本生まれの布製の伸縮自在なアコーディオンの様な梱包資材。1980年代に引越し運送会社が繁栄したことにより、梱包技術が未発達なアルバイトでも扱える梱包材として開発されました。伸縮自在のゴム入りなのでワンタッチで梱包できる上、様々な形状、サイズに適応することから、どんな体型の方も着用することが可能です。

Jabara   It is an accordion like, stretchable fabric material for packing originated in Japan. In the 1980s, as a result of the prosperity of moving companies, it was developed as a packaging material that could be used even by part-time workers with undeveloped packaging skills. Since this item is made of elastic, it can be packed with one touch. Moreover, it can be worn by anyone with any body shape because it is suitable for various shapes and sizes.

Cotton100%.Silk screen printed. Made in Japan. 

Shoulder width / Chest / Length / Sleeve length
S | 44cm / 46.5cm / 70.5cm / 17cm
M | 47.5cm / 51.5cm / 72cm / 17.5cm
L | 51cm / 55.5cm / 75.5cm / 19cm
XL | 58cm / 60.5cm / 79.5cm / 20cm