Pugment Books


Ash   Grind it from burned clothes you don't wear and use it as powder. When mixed with a medium for fabric-printing, it can be used as black ink to print on new clothes. This is one way to wear clothes that you don't wear.

Cotton100%.Silk screen printed. Made in Japan. 

Shoulder width Chest Length Sleeve length
S 52cm / 20.5inch

51.5cm / 20.3inch

63cm / 24.8inch

59cm / 23inch
M 56.5cm / 22.2inch

57cm / 22.4inch

65cm / 25.6inch

59cm / 23inch
L 61cm / 24inch 61cm / 24inch 68cm / 26.8inch 59cm / 23inch
XL 66cm / 26inch 65.5cm / 25.8inch 71cm / 28inch 59cm / 23inch