I love military clothing.
I find that it takes up more than half of my closet space, and there are even times when I wear military surplus goods from thrift stores for a majority of the week. Most of the stuff I have is from the US military, but I also have goods from the British, French, and Vietnamese militaries as well.
One time, I noticed that a small hole had opened on the side of a BDU jacket I was wearing and there was a brown stain.
For some reason, I stopped wearing that jacket ever since. After some time had passed, I decided to burn the jacket and make a new one with it. I used the ashes to print out a scanned image of the jacket and make another jacket of the same shape.
What made me not to wear that jacket in the first place? What happened to my image of the jacket when I found the brown stain? The answer to this question eludes me to this day.
However, I will repeat that. Until I can no longer get on military clothing, I will buy, burn, and make the same thing anew.
I do it for when you wear the jacket, and when the print loses the color of the ash and fades away.

ある時着ていたBDU ジャケットの脇に小さな穴が開き、褐色のシミがあることに気づいた。 なぜか、それ以降、その服を着ることは無くなってしまった。
それからしばらくして、私はその服を燃やして新しい服を作ることにした。 燃やした灰でその服のスキャン画像をプリントし、同じ形の服を作った。