The Right Clothing

An early afternoon on weekdays, I dropped in at Shinjuku Central Park on the way home from the bookstore in the west of Shinjuku. The man in a suit sat on the bench in the park alone. He is thought to be aged around 40 years old by an appearance. He put a tired bag next to him and stared at one point without fiddling with a cell phone or reading a book. I was interested in what he was looking at and observed him sitting down on a bench nearby. When I looked around the park, I saw children who was running around, the mothers who stood talking, the office worker who would talk with a business partner on the cell phone and the road dwellers who gathered and drank canned chuhai. The man stared at something dully while sometimes changing posture without paying his attention to the scenery around. He did not appear to be in a dream. If anything, he seemed to be faced clearly with being at this place then. However, I could not know it. How much time would have passed. When I watched a clock, I noticed myself seeing the man for 1 hour. As it became dark, I decided to head to the station and slowly stood up. There was still the man there.

We hunted for own used clothes in closet at home and tailored suits by connecting the clothes which I would surely wear. We sat down the bench in the park with wearing the suits and thought about something for 8 hours.