We met her on Instagram. The chance was when we are searching through our favorite brands by hashtag for clothes we would like to buy. Among all the advertisements and pictures of people wearing the clothes, we came across a girl wearing strangely distorted clothing which we had never seen before. We could tell what brand it was with a quick look, but something was odd. The shape of the clothing didn't seem to fit her body. Upon closer examination, we found that she was not actually wearing the clothes but rather had cut out pictures of the clothing and edited together a collage with a picture of herself. Interested, we took a look at her profile and found many more selfie collages of the same kind. Soon afterward, we sent her a message saying that we would like to meet. She appeared at the fast food restaurant in Shinjuku wearing a gray school uniform. After briefly introducing ourselves, we talked about her pictures. This is what she had to say.

I wanted some clothes I saw on Fashionsnap and searched for them on an online store. They had the clothes in stock, but they were a bit too expensive. So I just used images of the clothes on my iPhone and edited them onto pictures of myself and it was so much fun. I figured that this didn't cost any money and I could make any combination I could think of and try on as many as I wanted. I've worn one of my favorites, Vetements, along with Raf Simons, GUCCI, Y/Project and more. I think I'd like to try on Balenciaga next.

I found that I can't just look at the clothes I want and dream about wearing them.
We decided to make clothes with her.